Corporate Philosophy

Company Mission

Let us enhance the prosperity of the company and the happiness of all employees through our occupation and contribute to the development of the nation and the construction of the national land.

Company Motto

  • Let us always make it a principle to be faithful and act up to enhance the credibility of the company in the society.
  • Let us trust each other, work together and refrain from self-centered words and deeds.
  • Let us accomplish excellent work with steady efforts and inventive ideas.
  • Let us love and respect our superiors and seniors, value courtesy and moderation and perform our assignments with responsibility.
  • Let us acquire skills, cut unnecessary expenses, become aware of cost price and retain fair profit.

Quality Policy

We provide high-quality construction by gathering the latest technology and wisdom and aim to become a company which all our customers can trust.

Environmental Policy

We pay attention to environmental preservation as a construction company engaged in marine resources development and maintenance of local infrastructure, act for the prevention of marine pollution and reduction of environmental burdens and make efforts for the coexistence of better environment and economic activities.