Our company celebrating its 75th anniversary in business on January 4, 2009.
This would not have been possible without the cooperation of our customers, business partners, employees, and the members of local communities.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who all support us.

As a general contractor founded and nurtured in Kobe during the postwar reconstruction period, we are committed to further improving our technical capabilities to contribute to the growth of Kobe.

In recent years, the construction industry has faced a challenging market environment for several reasons and I believe that what is required of companies is reliable technical ability and an inflexible sense of ethics.
We have been striving to be a company that contributes to society through our ISO initiatives and other efforts. We own the largest lifting capacity floating crane in Japan "KAISHO" (4,100t) and a fleet of various work vessels, and our corporate culture takes on new challenges.

To address environmental issues, we are actively proceeding with energy‚Äźsaving measures, renewable energy, solar power, and thermal insulation construction using nanotechnology and soil contamination countermeasure construction.
In the solar power generation business, constructed mega solar power plant facilities with affiliates, and is also engaged in EPC work (design, procurement, and construction).

We also work hard towards the practical use of offshore wind power by fully excellently utilizing our marine technology to contribute to society.

We continue to make our best efforts to meet the needs of society and the natural environment.

Masafumi Yorigami Representative Director & President