Masafumi Yorigami Representative Director & President

Our company was established at the postwar reconstruction period, and was able to celebrate the 60th anniversary in business on January 4, 2009. This was only possible thanks to the warm support and cooperation we received from our clients, business partners and people in the community for which we would like to extend our deep gratitude and appreciation.

By the way, the market environment of these days surrounding our construction industry poses extremely severe conditions. We believe that what is needed for a company to move forward in the future should be reliable skills and unshakable firm ethics. Starting with actions taken to comply with ISO, we aim to become a company which contributes to the society. To achieve this goal, we own a fleet of different work vessels including a crane vessel "KAISHO" with the greatest hanging power in the industry (4,100t), and our corporate culture encourages employees to face new challenges.

In September, 2009, our company acquired a patent called "Culturing Base for Himejako (Tridacna crocea) and Shiranami (Tridacninae)" in cooperation with Okinawa Prefecture and other institutions. Many of you may wonder why a construction company is interested in a culturing base for shellfish, but this is a case example in which our concrete-related technology was applied for this specific purpose. Furthermore, we are making active efforts also in the area of environmental business, including a steel bridge road construction (a metal road construction method), construction for anti-disaster measures such as seismic reinforcement, and improvement of contaminated ground (YS construction method).

We will continue making steady efforts to meet the needs of all of you and to comply with the conditions in the natural environment. Please count on us to achieve more in the future.