Fleet of work Vessels

List of Work Vessels

Vessel name Specification Capacity Remarks
KAISHO 2-Jib , 4-hook max lifting 4,100t  
SHINSHO-1600 revolving HLV , 4-hook max lifting 1,600t with pile driving
SHINKENRYU 1-Jib , 4-hook max lifting 1,400t  
KISEI No.2 revolving HLV max lifting 200t  
SINSHO No.17 Pumping method 220m3/h  
SHINSEI No.8 Anchor less Cap of glove backet 25m3  
SHINSHO-1600 IHC S-280 hydraulic hammer Dia pile 800~2,000mm
Pile length max 70m (above water)
Pile angle ±25°
SHOYO Reclaimer 2,000m3/h  
Work vessels
List of Work vessels