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YS Construction Method (Improvement of soft ground, recycling of dredged soil etc.)

YS construction method is a method of improving soil quality using DF agent with the aim to improve high moisture soft ground and to recycle soil excavated by construction etc.



  1. DF agent which is mainly composed of fly ash (coal ash) is mostly disposed as waste.
    This method contributes to the recycling society by reusing fly ash.

  2. DF agent dispersed in the environment as well as the improved soil do not elute hexavalent chromium (below environmental quality standards for soil).


  1. While a cement-based improvement material forms a solidified substance which is petrified, this method presents tight aggregated soil in the form which is suitable for vegetation. The growth of plants can be accelerated by the improvement made with regard to void and water retention.

  2. The ground improved by DF agent is neutralized at an early point, which makes it possible to perform direct afforestation with improved soil, whereas other cement-based improvement materials were difficult to be used in this way.

Civil Engineering

  1. This method does not require a large-scale facility and can improve excavated soil in the minimum space which was disposed as industrial waste in the past. This recycling method reduces the costs and contributes to positive economic effects.

  2. The improvement enables predetermined traficability to be secured easily and expands the possibilities of reuse as building materials by adjustment of additive amount (Improved soil can be reused for various purposes, such as subgrade, subbase, banking, embarkment, vegetated soil.).