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Level self-adjustment type floating device

In general, when building a structure on sea surface or on lake or preparing a landfill base, or installing bridge piers on a solid foundation in case of bridge or setting up a floating body, it is necessary to prepare a foundation that serves as footing. In our research institute of technology, a depressure pontoon which makes effective use of buoyancy is now under development.

This depressure pontoon is a device which supports most of the structure’s load by buoyancy and at the same time controls the level of the structure without using power.


About the practical application of the level self-adjustment type floating device

Features of this device:

  • Because the leg part supporting the upper structure is a double structure floating body which floats on the water surface inside the depressure pontoon tank, it seems that the influence of wave or earthquake in the sea area is smaller compared with other methods.
  • Because facilities such as pumps are not required for level adjustment by this device, the maintenance and the running costs can be held down.
  • Even when ground subsidence or the like occurs after having constructed a support casing with direct foundation, pile foundation etc. on the soft ground, the level can be kept easily by the adjustment of the internal liquid level.
  • Due to its double structure, the safety against collision of ships etc. is high.

Experimental device

Now under international patent application
Now under domestic patent application